Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Not-So Kind Words

Let us oft speak kind words to each other
At home or where’er we may be;
Like the warblings of birds on the heather,
The tones will be welcome and free.
They’ll gladden the heart that’s repining,
Give courage and hope from above,
And where the dark clouds hide the shining,
Let in the bright sunlight of love.
Oh, the kind words we give
shall in memory live
And sunshine forever impart.
Let us oft speak kind words to each other;
Kind words are sweet tones of the heart.

"Let Us Oft Speak Kind Words," LDS Hymn #232

This has always been one of my favorite hymns. Some of my ward sisters were being totally rude to me last night at our Enrichment Night/Book Club. I think it's such a shame when people feel so badly about themselves that they have to resort to calling other people names just to make themselves feel better.

Our book club book this week was "Baptists At Our Barbecue" by Robert Smith. We had all read it before (some of us about seventeen times!), but for the last two months we'd read nonfiction church-y books so we really just wanted some literature this month. We were all talking about our favorite parts of the book, and I made some tiny little comment about how Tartan had some of the qualities I was looking for in a husband. A few of the other sisters (who shall remain nameless, because I'm not spiteful like they are) said that they were sick of me always bringing my "quest for a husband" into every book club discussion.

I mean, I know we're supposed to just be talking about the books and expanding our knowledge base and everything, but aren't we also supposed to relate what we read to our real lives? Finding a good priesthood holder is my most important mission right now. I'm hardly the only girl in the ward who talks about it. I think these two girls are just afraid of being spinsters and they don't want to draw attention to it so they lash out at anyone who brings boys into the conversation.

Or maybe they're lesbians. That might be it. I don't judge people, but I hope that if they are lesbians they just stop coming to church because that's really gross and they would totally bring the wrong spirit there.

Anyway, so after I told those girls that I was just bringing up the part of the book that interested me the most, they got really mean. They said I was always flirting with all the guys in the ward, and that makes me a total ho.

Isn't that rude? What do you think? Am I a total ho?

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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Choosing the Righteous Path

I was in Institute the other day and someone bore their testimony about how we would never be immoral if we could see how it hurt our eternal companion. I thought about some of my friends who have made choices that would hurt their eternal companions, like levi-loving or even floating. I thought, when I finally meet the guy (or maybe I already know him! That an exciting thought) who will be with me for eternity, he will never have to wonder if I am less than perfect in that way. My ivory, freckled skin will be only for him and when we kiss, it will be magical forever.

The other good thing is that it's a lot of work to get ready every day. I mean, I totally do it for myself, but it will be so nice to have a husband who is bound to me for eternity. A husband can't judge you if you gain a few pounds or stop wearing makeup or go on a scrapbooking binge and stop showering for a week. They still love you and think you are beautiful because they see your spirit and not your outside. The wonderful choices that you have made during your life by will outshine all those temporal things. And all the girls I know who always have a date on the weekend will be pretty sad that they have some other guy when I have my perfect priesthood holder. And I found him even though I didn't always have a date because he respected me for more than my looks.



Count Your Blessings Tuesday!

Today I am super grateful for my job. I'll be honest, I don't really like working. I never planned on having a full-time job. I majored in psychology at BYU-I so I could learn all about the way people think and stuff. I thought it would help me prepare to be a good mom. But BYU-I is a super competitive school, with way too many girls, so I didn't find any good husband material.

I really like doing hair, but I hate that I have to do it for, like, six hours every day. I can't wait until I get married so I don't have to work anymore. But I'm going to be really really busy when I'm a mom, running my kids around to soccer practice and piano lessons and all that. So I'm grateful that I have a job that's teaching me how to deal with stress and having to work real hard. I think that's a really good quality for me to have. Don't you think, boys? *wink*

Just kidding.

(No I'm not)

(Yes I am)


p.s. (No I'm not)

Monday, March 29, 2010

Total Drama

Sometimes I really hate having to write the sacrament meeting program.

Scratch that - I don't hate it, of course. Obviously the Lord wants me to do it, so I just have to accept that and learn and grow from it. Got that, HF? I don't hate the plan that you have so carefully laid out for me.

But I really really really really really really don't like it sometimes. The ward clerk just called me because Bishop Lithgow wants to meet with me. And I know what he's going to say. It's the same thing he always says. "Aihme'e, the sacrament meeting program is a very important part of our ward. You do the Lord a great service by putting together the program every week. But it's not appropriate for you to take out a personal ad on the back."

Soooo lame. When I hear "personal ad" I think of one of those desperate things on Craigslist (which I never ever ever read because I try to avoid the appearance of evil). Just putting my photo, name, phone number, and "ANY TAKERS?" in 26 pt font surrounded by a border of all the flowers in the Microsoft Word clipart library on the back of the program is totally not the same thing.

Ugh! Bishop Lithgow is such an old stiff. I keep telling him that I had two very important callings - creating the program and becoming a wife and mother! I have to find a righteous priesthood holder for that! I figure why not kill two birds with one stone?


Feeling Sad

Sometimes, it's really hard to feel the spirit when I know so many other girls who are totally faking that they're moral and obey the church's teachings. Like for example I know for a fact that my sister's neighbor saw our first counselor in the Relief Society, Sister Blahnik, order a chai at Starbucks. Plus she wore a tankini at a ward beach party and it was totally inappropriate. I'm the Relief Society Secretary and I would feel so bad if I had done that. I tried to talk to our Relief Society President about how she acts but I think she totally favors Sister Blahnik because they grew up in the same ward.

Anyway, I can't wait for bunko night. All the single LDS people in my condo get together once a month and it's super fun. We play bunko and stuff. It's all that keeps me going since Jake from The Bachelor chose that disgusting naughty word Vienna.